Tips & Tricks

DIP Company Vocabulary

  • Metal Retainer: Stainless steel pan into which the paper liner fits.
  • Manufacturer’s Pan: The metal pan from the manufacturer that came with the press. Also known as the OEM pan.
  • Liner: Coated paper insert that nests into the metal retainer.
  • Standpipe: Short piece of rigid black hose placed into drain to control the ink level when pumping or use as a guide for ink level monitoring.
  • Ink Level Indicator (ILI): White plastic piece resembling a chair with “steps” on it at 1/8″ increments to give a quick, easy visual reference for the level of ink in a pan. The ILI slides onto a standpipe.
  • Wiper: Either a black sponge or molded white plastic piece (WC2000) that resembles an upside down letter “Y.”
  • Ink Level Score Line: Score line on the inboard side of the paper liner. It is purposely 1/8″ too high so if the pan is filled the reference line will not be lost or hidden by ink. Some liners have a “min” and “max” fill line.
  • Splash Flap: Flap on most liners that is folded away from rollers to make adding ink easier then rotated back over the pan to prevent “slinging.”